We believe all people have a right to nutritious food and a better livelihood.

Board Chair message

Board Chair

Research in ICRISAT is unique and multi-disciplinary and it delivers so much to so many vulnerable people who live in a very fragile environment. Resilient nutrition is extremely important for dryland communities and moving from 2018 and beyond, I am delighted that ICRISAT is putting an increased emphasis on nutritional research.

Nigel Wells Kerby Board Chair

Director General message

Director General

Over 45 years, ICRISAT has worked closely with national partners along value chains of its nutritious and climate-smart mandate crops - sorghum, pearl and finger millet, chickpea, pigeonpea and groundnut - to ensure our science improves the lives of farmers and nutrition for all consumers. Special appreciation to our partners and funders and to the many farmers who contributed to the design, development and delivery of demand-driven innovation for the drylands during 2017.

Research Highlights

World map

Year 2017 marked the 45th anniversary of ICRISAT. In keeping with our belief statement that all people have a right to nutritious food and a better livelihood, our annual report highlights a timeline on how our research has contributed to nutrition in the drylands over 45 years. Nutrition has been incorporated at every stage of the agricultural R4D value chain with real life examples and related statistics.

Year 2017 saw ICRISAT surge ahead in various areas of its work.

We’ve had biotechnology breakthroughs in developing near-aflatoxin immune groundnut; cracked the pearl millet genome; worked towards cost-effective and faster genomic technologies to decipher and harness crop traits to address malnutrition and bolster resilience to climate change; developed cost-effective diagnostic kits for plant disease; made advances in synergizing crop-modeling, satellite and digital technology; and scaled up our holistic approach that encompasses agri-food systems. The year ended on a high note with the announcement of the CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals, that has brought together various partners, both public and private, to work towards the cause of smallholder farmers in the drylands of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

The 2017 Research Highlights capture all of our work and also bring to the fore our engagement with governments and how our work aligns with country policies. In Asia, we have actively worked with and supported the Government of India in its ‘Doubling Farmers’ Income’ program. In West and Central Africa, the emphasis has been on accelerating agricultural gains and improving food security – the release of Africa’s first biofortified sorghum varieties deserve mention. In Eastern and Southern Africa, our work focused on improving climate resilience of farmers, improving seed systems and bringing about awareness on diet diversity.

Our work has benefited many countries. The ICRISAT genebank, this year, has sent a consignment of its new germplasm materials to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Seed samples of germplasm accessions and breeding lines were exported/distributed to more than 19 countries spanning all the continents. A total of 23 new varieties were released in six countries and 14,261 tons of seed of ICRISAT mandate crops were shared with National Agricultural Research Systems, farmer groups and NGOs.

Dr Peter Carberry, Deputy Director General-Research, ICRISAT

Contribution to country strategies

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Outputs contributing to global impact

Genetic gains

Pearl millet genome decoded and sequenced


Near aflatoxin immune groundnut developed

Near aflatoxin immune groundnut developed

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12,514 seed samples distributed in 19 countries

2, 117 Unique germplasm accessions essembled from regional genebanks

World map
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Crop improvement
Statistics and graphs from MEASURE-ICRISAT's Monitoring and Evaluation site

23 Varieties released in

6 Countries

cropimp graph
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Digital Agriculture

Ihub:agri-tech incubator launched in early 2017) 9 start-ups incubated

Plantix (plant disease/deficiency diagnostic app) 1,400,000 downloads by farmers across 4 indian states

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Seed production
Statistics and graphs from MEASURE-ICRISAT's Monitoring and Evaluation site

14,261 tons of seed of ICRIST mandate crops shared with farmer groups, NARS and NGOs

Breeder: 104 tons
Foundation: 1,033 tons
Certified: 7,153 tons
Quality declared: 5,971 tons
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seed prod graph

Our work contributes towards the following SDGs

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Delivering nutrition to the drylands

Integrating nutrition across the agricultural R4D value chain: This graphic represents ICRISAT's holistic approach – working from land and water management all the way through to agribusiness and market development. Here are examples of how we have integrated nutrition at each stage.

Nutrition Circle

Nutrition milestones across 45 years


Communication initiatives

Smart Food initiatives

communication initiatives
Wins top 10 Global Food Innovation

The Smart Food initiative was selected as one of the winning innovations for 2017 by LAUNCH Food which is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

communication initiatives
800,000 viewers per episode for reality TV show

A 13-episode Smart Food reality TV show was hosted by the Kenya Television Network, to raise awareness on sorghum, millets and legumes.

communication initiatives
Aistou Cuisine becomes Smart Food Ambassador

Senegalese chef based in Paris, Aistou Cuisine, developed recipes and championed Smart Food benefits through her social media.


people reached

876,437 Impressions

5 videos produced


85,657 minutes of views

Media Coverage


communication initiatives More infographics


communication initiatives

45th Anniversary timeline

communication initiatives

Research publications

communication initiatives

201 Papers in ISI/Thomson Reuters listed journals

14 Monographs

38 Book chapters

8 Books and journal volumes

99 Papers in other peer reviewed journals

53 Conference proceedings

5 Socioeconomics discussion paper series

Social media

communication initiatives

Governing Board

Team Members

Nigel Wells Kerby,

Britain, Chair, ICRISAT GB (From May 2017)
Team Members

Chandra A Madramootoo,

Canada, Chair, ICRISAT GB (Till Aprill 2017)
Team Members

Trilochan Mohapatra

India, Vice Chair ICRISAT GB
Team Members

David Bergvinson

Canada, Director General, ICRISAT
Team Members

Rachel K Chikwamba

South Africa
Team Members

Sissel Rogne

Team Members

Wendy Umberger

Team Members

Oluwande Muoyo

Team Members

Paul C Anderson

Team Members

Paco Sereme

Burkina Faso
Team Members

Laurie Tollefson

Team Members

Shobhana Pattanayak

Team Members

SP Singh

India (From Jan 2017)
generan Section
generan Section
generan Section

Financial summary

Financial Summary
Financial Summary


A prosperous, food-secure and resilient dryland tropics


To reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition and environmental degradation in the dryland tropics


Inclusive Market-Oriented Development (IMOD)

Research Programs

Research Programs

research programs
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research programs
Eastern & Southern Africa
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research programs
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Innovation Systems for the Drylands
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Genetic Gains
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  • Genomics & Trait Discovery 
  • Forward Breeding
  • Seed Systems
  • ESA-Biotechnology
  • Systems Biology

ICRISAT offices: HQ - Hyderabad, India; New Delhi, India; Bamako, Mali; Niamey, Niger; Kano, Nigeria; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Nairobi, Kenya; Lilongwe, Malawi; Maputo, Mozambique.

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Many Thanks

Many thanks to our funders, smallholder farmers, national governments, international bodies, the national agricultural research system, advanced research institutes, universities and the private sector that we have collaborated with to accomplish this work.